New Patient Info

OCC is NOT currently accepting new patients.

Dr. Olejnik is doing her best to get patients in from the waiting list. As a practice with a limited schedule we want to make sure that once we accept you we can offer adequate follow-up to get the results you are looking for! We appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to provide the best care possible. You are always welcome to call or email with general questions.

What to expect at the office

Your first appointment with Dr. Olejnik will take about an hour. Please call (971)704-2408 or email to request an appointment. Upon confirmation of your appointment, the new patient paperwork can be emailed to you, or scroll down to download it below.

Dr. Olejnik will talk with you, perform a thorough history and physical examination, and provide treatment as appropriate on your very first visit. X-Rays are not usually required prior to treatment. You can expect some self-care suggestions, such as stretches or exercises, for you to work on between visits.

Follow up visits take approximately 20-30 minutes.


As a small practice, private medical and Medicare insurances cannot be billed at this time. Realizing that many patients pay out of pocket, Dr. Olejnik strives to provide excellent and efficient care at reasonable rates. Oregon Coast Chiropractic may bill auto and workers' compensation insurance companies for personal injury related cases. Documentation is gladly provided for those seeking reimbursement from their insurance carriers.

Free Consultation

Dr. Olejnik understands that many factors are to be considered in a good doctor-patient relationship and that you may have questions. You are welcome to a free 10 minute phone consultation to determine if her care is right for you. Simply email or call to schedule this conversation. No obligation or hassle.