Covid Updates

Procedures at OCC (last updated 12/20/21)

I am honored to be your chiropractor! I am happy to treat you during this time, but some changes and precautions are necessary. We can manage this and continue to do good for ourselves and each other. Please read on to know what has changed and what to expect.

  • Do not come in if any of the following apply currently or within the last 14 days. Simply let me know. No fees will apply for such cancellations and I will be happy to reschedule with you.

    • You or anyone in your household has been ill, had a fever, or lost smell or taste sense.

    • You have had contact with anyone who has a confirmed or suspected Covid 19 infection, even if you have no symptoms.

  • Face masks are required.

  • When you come in to the treatment area, please wash your hands or use sanitizer.

  • I will be wiping down all surfaces in the treatment area with disinfectant, washing my hands thoroughly between patients and increasing ventilation and whole office cleaning daily.

  • I have a HEPA/UV air filter flowing for additional protection.

  • We can otherwise work pretty much as normal! I am currently not doing jaw work or any other intraoral or nasal procedures (anything that involves gloves or contact with body fluids). But adjustments, muscle work, all the rest are fine!

  • If you prefer to pay with cash or check, I will have an envelope available for you to place this in. If you prefer to pay by credit card I will send you an email invoice which can be paid by CC online instead of handing cards in-office.

I thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation. Yours in health,

Dr. Heidi